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Multi-vendor Hardware & System Software



Nexus Open Systems provides server infrastructure solutions to customers within different sectors.  Our server portfolio provides solutions for a wide range of operating environments, spanning both the enterprise & the SMB markets.  Our business delivers & supports x86 & Sparc entry-level, mid-range & enterprise data centre servers, which run primarily Windows, Linux, & Solaris operating systems.  The business spans a range of product lines that include tower servers, rack-mounted & bladesystem servers. 

Converged Infrastructure

Converged infrastructure is an approach to IT deployment that integrates compute, storage, networks, & administration to create a flexible pre-configured system that operates as a consolidated unit.  The benefits include decreased cost of deployment, maintenance & operation, along with simplified management. Nexus Open Systems delivers & supports industry-leading converged infrastructure solutions from Oracle which include Oracle Private Cloud Appliance, Exadata Machine, Oracle Database Appliance & Zero Data Loss Recovery appliance.


Our storage offerings include storage platforms for high-end, mid-range & small business environments.  Our flagship product is the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance which is a unified storage system that allows customers to consolidate file, block, & object storage on a single platform.  The Storage portfolio has a broad range of products including SAN, NAS, Tape libraries & storage management software technologies from other vendors that include Fujitsu, HP & Dell. These offerings enable customers to optimize their existing storage systems, minimise costs & plan their transition to cloud computing.

End-user computing

With the advent of the digital era organizations must provide a high performing IT infrastructure that enables a digital workspace, Nexus Open Systems provides end-user computing products that include desktops, laptops, printers, operating systems, & Microsoft Office/365 applications.  We also provide end user support services for products from Fujitsu, Microsoft, HP & Dell.


Nexus Open Systems provides enterprise software solutions that enable corporations to meet their business objectives & serve the needs of their customers.  Through our highly skilled technical team & strategic partnerships Nexus is able to deliver & implement software solutions that include Operating systems, Database, Backup & Replication & ERP solutions.

Data Management & Optimization

Data Warehousing

With exponential Data growth, businesses should be able to analyse, plan & react to changing business conditions with increasing flexibility & agility.  Most organizations have their data in silos which makes it immensely difficult to consolidate & leverage for meaningful business insights.  Nexus Open Systems delivers Oracle’s industry-leading Oracle Autonomous Datawarehouse to meet this growing need.


Enterprise database management systems enable authorized users to share data quickly & effectively across large organizations.  Nexus Open Systems sells licenses & provides support & maintenance services for major relational database systems including Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server & My SQL – all of which are optimized for data integrity, ease of access, security, flexibility, & minimal data loss.


Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery involves replicating entire IT environments including data, systems, networks & applications.  Having a DR plan with the proper infrastructure & processes enables businesses to restore functionality & data in case of a system failure.  Nexus Open Systems is a value-added reseller for world class system & data replication technology solutions from Veeam, Dbvisit & Oracle.

Back up

With the widespread use of digital platforms, businesses are becoming increasingly data-driven, which means that the prevention of data loss is an important part of business continuity & survival.  To reduce the risk of data loss, businesses need to back up files, databases, operating systems, applications & system configurations in a way which minimises hardware costs & safeguards against data breaches.  Nexus Open Systems provides backup solutions that help our clients meet both Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) & Recovery Time Objectives (RTO).  These solutions include software, hardware & cloud-based offerings from Veeam, Oracle & Microsoft.

High Availability

All organizations use a variety of mission-critical ICT platforms which include databases, applications, websites, e-commerce portals, accounting systems etc.  Unplanned & persistent outages of any of these systems can result in loss of revenue, reputation, customer loyalty & productivity.  Businesses should therefore endeavour to achieve business continuity by investing in high availability solutions that provide fully automated failover to a secondary system for 99.99% uptime for their mission-critical systems.  Nexus Open Systems can deploy high availability solutions from global vendors that do just that.

Today most organizations have the benefit of choosing a cloud adoption strategy that is suitable for their business which can be public, hybrid or private cloud solutions.  Nexus Open Systems provides the following types of cloud services from Oracle & Microsoft.

      Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

      Platform as a service (PaaS)

      Software as a service (SaaS)

By adopting Cloud technology businesses can reduce costs of acquiring & maintaining the underlying IT hardware infrastructure.  The “pay-as-you-go” model used to charge for these resources by most vendors makes them a more cost-effective solution than owning them, as customers only pay for what they consume.  The ability to scale the size of the solution up or down accommodates for the peaks & troughs in usage, saves the customer money & also gives great flexibility.  Other benefits of cloud computing include guaranteed uptime & security standards that comply with global standards for data protection & privacy

Cloud Based Solutions
Server Hosting

Why host off-site?

 There are many reasons to choose our ServerBank hosting service instead of owning a physical Server onsite:

      No capital cost in purchasing your own Server

      No maintenance, security or hardware costs

      Increased uptime & flexibility

      Connect multiple branches to the same Server

      Automatic software & security updates

      Backup your company data & applications

      Server replication


Server specifications

 We customise server specifications for each client, depending on:

      Type of Server required

      Operating system, Hard drive size & RAM size

      What applications you would like to access on the Server

      The number of users requiring access

      The number of endpoints accessing the Server

Cyber Security

We sell & lease Fortinet’s Fortigate Firewall as hardware or software systems, or a combination of both that prevent unauthorized access to or from networks. 

      Protects against unknown exploits, malware & malicious URLs using continuous threat intelligence provided by

      FortiGuard security services

      Protects against unknown attacks using dynamic analysis & provides automated mitigation to stop targeted attacks. 

Webroot Secure Anywhere® Endpoint Protection is a leader in cloud-based IT protection against malware / spyware attacks, Trojans, & phishing. 

      Automated management & support dashboard

      Customized client dashboard for client branches

      Very light on computer resources with rapid antivirus/anti-malware scanning

      Daily notifications of new installations & infections relating to specific devices & resolutions: Quarantine, blacklisting,

      & whitelisting

We use FastFix, which is a simple & scalable remote management tool to gain complete visibility & control of all supported endpoints (servers, desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, & other networked devices).

      Comprehensive auditing - Complete visibility of every device & pinpoint areas for action

      Built-In Patch Management - Automatic maintenance of every device with flexible, native OS & application patch update


      Real-Time system-wide monitoring - with intelligent alerting, auto-response & auto-resolution

      Remote Control & Takeover - instant support with one-click access to any of your managed devices.

IT Support Services
Training & Certification

Nexus Open Systems offers a wide range of courses in IT certification from global vendors.  With our participative approach to the acquisition of new knowledge, skills & attitudes, we equip IT professionals to operate more effectively in their respective workplaces.  Our fully-equipped training facility is also available for rental to our customers & companies that need to host their own training. 

We provide training services but are not limited to the following certifications: 

CompTIA  |  Microsoft  |  Cisco  |  Oracle  |  Java  |  Vmware  |  ITIL  |  EC Council  |  Prince 2  |  Redhat  |  Security  |  ISACA

Multi Vendor
Data Management
Cloud Based
Server Hosting
Cyber Security
IT Support
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